The Burned

by The Burned

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Kurt Baumann, former lead singer and songwriter of the band Kan’Nal, launches his solo career as THE BURNED with his self-titled debut released January 26, 2010.

Mike Marrone, Program Director of THE LOFT on Sirius XM, says, “This is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time!”


Over 30 Triple A Radio Stations have added THE BURNED to their rotation!

#3 Spin at KMTT in Seattle WA (same # as Adele)

#1 Spin at KBAC in Santa Fe NM

Some locations The Burned is in rotation at:

Denver / KBCO
Boulder / KBCO
Ft. Collins / KTCL
Salt Lake City
Boise / KRVB
Spokane / KPND
Seattle / KMTT
Portland / KINK
San Francisco / KFOG
Santa Barbara / KTYD
Los Angeles / KCSN
San Diego / KPRI
Albuquerque / KBAC
Santa Fe / KBAC-KVSF
and many more!


“Man Running” – November 1st episode of CHASE [NBC] – played 1:30 during final scenes >> Highlight Video on YouTube

“Make Believe” – April 5th episode of GOSSIP GIRL[CW NETWORK] – played 3:35 for final scenes YouTube Slideshow and YouTube Feature with Gossip Girl Scenes

“Time” – February 8th episode of MAKE IT OR BREAK IT ABC FAMILY – played 4:00 for final scenes

“We’ve discovered a favorite new artist,” says ABC Family

Check out the ABC Family Spotlight! and YouTube Link to the final scene

“Where Are We Now” – 2nd Season Premier of CRASH [STARZ] – played full song during end credits


released January 26, 2010




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Track Name: Hard Lesson
Its late at night and I think of you
And all those things you like to do
Still got your flavor on me
Yeah I can taste your memory
I’ve been hypnotized
Your serpent circles mine
My fingers in the fruit of life
I can’t wait to take another bite
You’ve got what I want
Your everything come give it for me
A hard lesson to learn
You always want what you can’t have
I don’t believe in I can’t have
You feel my need for being bad
And I’m addicted to a good habit
Just like a heavy drug
Mixed up inside my blood
Controlling every thought
Come help me work it out
Because you know what I want
My everything come give it up for me
A hard lesson to learn
How fast can you cure my madness
Break dishes and smash the glasses
I crawl around in the underneath
These scorpions keep stinging me
No reason to my actions
Something deep inside me has it out for you
Because you’ve got what I want
Come give it up your everything I need
A hard lesson to learn
Track Name: Where Are We Now
I remember I’ve been here before
Some other time some other doorway in my mind
Straight back to you
The grass is never greener than it was before
I’ve seen her change her mind and blink her eye
Its still the same place
Oh Where are we now
Missing a few pieces to your broken hearted Jesus
May the shining light of reason guide us all
Inner voices outer choices opposites and Godly forces
All lead me back home to you
Oh where are we now
Far away
World wide
Heaven hides
I just don’t feel it anymore
It used to be here once before
But I just don’t feel it anymore
Oh where are we now
Track Name: What We Know
A bright light in the sky
But nobody can spy it
How we gonna survive
When the water runs dry
Its right there before your eyes
But nobody can find it
One day them ships will come to bail us out

Nothing at all is what we really know

I feel something turning in my soul
My skin begins to crawl like a reptile
I’m seeing things I didn’t even think were possible
Well nothing at all is what we really know

Nothing at all is what we really know